Product of the Justified Anger History Class

Product of the Justified Anger History Class

By Jake Winkler

What’s the atheist doing in the church basement? There’s no wedding. It’s Wednesday morning.

Maybe it’s better to ask what a white kid from rural Wisconsin is doing talking race with a black

pastor. Better yet: why aren’t more white people talking race with more white people? Reverend

Gee thinks a big part of it is education due to the positive response to his Justified Anger history

class. Maybe my story and some education will help that talk.


I was raised colorblind, just barely young enough to be a millenial, not old enough to remember

the Crack Scare of the ‘80s, old enough to have heard Clinton called the first black president

and not really knowing what that meant. The people of color I knew went to my Lutheran high

school or my university or were co-workers at a software company or played rugby with me.

They carried some recognizable class markers like similar affluence and education. In other

words, they came into my world. I didn’t go to theirs.

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