The Leadership & Capacity Development Institute

Through this cohort structure limited to 15 participants, it is envisioned that the capacity to carry out the goals and objectives of the Justified Anger “Our Madison Plan” will be built and implemented by transforming the face of leadership in our community ad equipping African American leaders with the distinct tools needed to lead change in our Madison, in this current moment.

Participants have the opportunity to work together to develop and implement community-based projects that they believe will address a community issue that they’ve collectively identified and determined to work on and is aligned with Our Madison Plan.

Who should apply?

The program is accepting up to 15 participants through an online application process and one letters of reference. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis through August 31, 2016.

The program is open to African American professionals who work in Madison organizations: private, public, and nonprofit. Participants should have a minimum of five years of professional employment, have potential for advancement and hold a position with some influence, which would include at least one of the following: decision-making, program/department management, or supervisory responsibilities. Experienced business owners and entrepreneurs also highly encouraged to apply.

The program fee includes 360-degree feedback, 1:1 coaching, facilitation of learning community focused on developing personal, organizational, and community-wide leadership skills, materials, and meals.

Rates are $2,000 for the 9-month program based on organizational size. Non- Profit organizations and Individuals are also welcome to apply. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until August 31, 2016. Applicants will also participate in a telephone interview.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Personal – Each participant’s unique strengths are leveraged and developed to enhance performance and boost career advancement.
  2. Organizational – strengthens and retains a diverse talent base for Madison organizations.
  3. Community – builds a network of skilled leaders who cross the boundaries of geography and industry to help our community flourish.

Program Schedule

9 half-day sessions, 8 evening sessions, intro lunch and closing celebration
Nine months, September through June with an introductory lunch in Early September (Meet the Cohort and Faculty)

Monday Schedule Summary

8 – 8:30 AM Breakfast / Gathering / Networking
8:30 – 9 AM Check-in and Overview of the Day
9AM – 12P Programming / Field Trips
12:00 – 12:45 PM Lunch / Checkout

Topic Areas and Schedule

9/19/2016 Defining Leadership (distinctively what it can mean to be an African American leader in Madison)
10/17/2016 Leadership Tools and Frameworks
11/21/2016 Leadership Issues: Challenges and Opportunities
12/19/2016 Leadership Training: Transforming how things get done
1/9/2017 (or 1/16/2017 which is MLK Day) Self-leadership, self-care
2/13/2017 Organizational Leadership (book suggestion: Reinventing Organizations, Theory U)
3/20/2017 Community Leadership
4/17/2017 Community Listening / Field Trip
5/15/2017 Research Colloquia, present Leadership Projects to the Community (project is developed throughout the sessions)

October through May: Evening sessions (5:00 PM to 6:30 PM); Thursday evenings; cash bar; light appetizers provided by LCDI
Dates: 10/6; 11/3; 12/8; 1/5; 2/9; 3/9; 4/6; 5/4
June: Closing Celebration

2016 Application

Please complete the following application to be considered for the Nehemiah’s Leadership & Capacity Development Institute (LCDI). All complete applications, along with a resume and one reference letter, are due no later than Friday, August 19, 2016 at 5:00 PM. Note: You will be required to upload your resume and reference letter in order to submit your application. Please provide electronic files of these two pieces of information as a Word document or PDF.