Economic Development


Our vision for community and economic development is to engage in comprehensive efforts that result in new investment in the neighborhoods in which we work and encourage and support entrepreneurship that builds personal and community wealth in Dane County’s African American community.

For Nehemiah, successful community and economic development looks like:

  • Affordable housing development filling gaps in housing in the community;
  • A loan fund providing low-cost capital and advice to African American entrepreneurs;
  • Access to quality, living wage jobs in the communities we serve;
  • Job training opportunities for youth and adults that create a pathway to careers with family-supporting wages; and,
  • Commercial development to support businesses run by and for the African American community.

In 2016, Nehemiah’s economic development goals include:

  • Acquire up to five properties to provide quality, affordable reentry housing
  • Launch a Minority Entrepreneur Loan Fund and partner with existing organizations to access advisory services for emerging entrepreneurs
  • Build on existing plans and priorities of neighborhoods we serve, engage in and create a Community Asset Map to better understand the community’s needs and resources for economic development
  • Collaboratively work with stakeholders to stimulate commercial development along S. Park Street and W. Badger Road
  • Partner with other organizations to provide critical job training opportunities for the African American community