System Transformation

Community change requires both individual and systems transformation. Justified Anger is an initiative of Nehemiah that cultivates innovative Black and non-black leaders through culturally grounded programs, dynamic educational experiences and collaborative partnerships that lead to transformational relationships, equitable systems and just solutions.



Educational Experiences

2024 Fall Black History for a New Day Hybrid

Course Dates:  September 16th – November 18th

What’s The Purpose

Our purpose is to understand how the African-American experience has shaped the world we all live in, and how allies can find roles supporting racial justice today. Rooting ourselves in our history, and understanding how we got here, will help us move forward together to make a better world and a stronger local community.

Why History Matters Course Series

Systemic Racism in Higher Education and Society

Course Dates: Coming Soon

This course takes a deeper dive into how the African-American experience has shaped the world we all live in, and how allies can find roles supporting racial justice today. 

Slavery & Capitalism

Course Dates: July 10th – August 14th

This course takes a close look at connection and effects of Slavery and Capatlism is this country and how deeply it’s rooted in who we are.

Innovative Research

The Impact of The Black History for a New Day Course: Ripple Effects Report

The UW-Madison Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies conducted an evaluation of the Black History for a New Day course, focusing on impacts on past participants and the "ripple" effects of this for organizations and more broadly.

Justified Anger: Impact of the Work

In 2018, Public Health Madison & Dane County (PHMDC) provided evaluation support to Justified Anger to learn about and document the impact of Dr. Reverend Gee’s initial Capital Times article from December 2013 and Justified Anger’s subsequent work, particularly the African American history class, Black History for a New Day – Allies for a Stronger Madison.

Resources to Support Black Proto-Business Development

Nehemiah partnered with the Community and Environmental Sociology Fall 2021 Capstone Course to develop a report and resources in order better support Black people developing toward entrepreneurial businesses. This report can be used to build a program to support the development and sustainability of proto-businesses that could then be grown into entrepreneurial businesses.

18 by 6: Restricted Defendant Participation in Dane County Court Hearings

Justified Anger Court Observers have been watching court hearings where individuals accused of crimes attend their court hearings via Zoom by looking through the 18” x 6” food slots of their segregated jail cells. This report summarizes observation and advocacy efforts to date to end this inhumane practice

Our Madison Plan

Wisconsin routinely ranks as the worst state in the nation for social, economic, educational, and health disparities among African American children and families. Existing efforts to address these disparities are fragmented and do not adequately serve African American children or adults. In 2015, Nehemiah united area leaders to discuss a shared vision for addressing the unmet needs of Greater Madison’s Black community.

The plan’s goal is the implementation of a long-term strategy for improving the lives of African Americans in Madison, expanding the availability of resources, and repairing the state’s damaged image as unfriendly for people of color.

Executive Summary:


Full Plan:


We want your help in our programs

Tutoring, advocating at school hearings, supporting formerly incarcerated individuals, volunteering in after-school activities, preparing meals, coaching athletics, teaching art and design, etc.