Five generations enrich Madison

Five generations enrich Madison

Five generations enrich Madison

By Phil Haslanger


It’s a family whose life in Madison stretches across five generations, across almost a century.

It’s a family whose work has touched health care and business, education and public safety, church and culture.

It’s a family whose matriarch came to Madison and did domestic work and who saw each succeeding generation reach wider and higher to shape the life of the community.

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Mamie Matthews came to Madison from Mississippi in the mid-1920s and eventually worked as a domestic for the vice president of the bus company.


One of her 10 children was Addrena Squires, born here in 1927 at what was then Madison General Hospital. In time, Addrena gave birth in 1951 to Mona Adams, among other children. Mona, in turn gave birth to Johnny Winston, Jr. in 1968. And now Johnny Jr. has four kids of his own – two grown, two in Madison public schools.
There were other children in each generation, of course, but these stories of one family tell how this family shaped Madison and how Madison was shaped by them.

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