How We Make The Community Better

Nehemiah is transforming the community through a multi-level approach. We are leaders in understanding where we have been and where we are going. We see the potential, and you can be a part of it.

What Does The Path Of A Leader Look Like?

Leadership Development

We develop leaders by valuing lived experience - seeing and shaping the potential in those not often seen as leaders. We are transforming the face of leadership by empowering both Black leaders and non-Black allies.

Cross-Cultural Leadership

Organization Training

Our cross-cultural leadership development training is rooted in US History and local realities to build an understanding of system racism. We move ahead by employing transformational leadership strategies, mindset shifts, relationship and trust building work, measurable outcomes and accountability.

We begin with an environmental scan to inform our custom training modules and employ a dynamic evaluation process to ensure you stay on track to meet your goals. We offer an array of support services ranging from assistance with recruitment, employee retention coaching, anti-racism training, and defining organizational culture. We do this through a combination of large group education, small group discussions for processing and action planning, and executive coaching with Rev. Dr. Alexander Gee. All of these components make up our cross-cultural leadership development strategy.

Volunteer Opportunities

Many volunteers have found that Nehemiah offers cross-cultural experiences in real world settings that go beyond the surface level. We value leadership that flows from life experience and honest relational dynamics.

Organizations, Faith Groups, School Districts trained by Nehemiah.

Groups include American Family Insurance, Staff from area City municipal governments, and educators part of Madison, Oregon, Verona school districts and support organizations (MTI, DPI, WEAC)

Volunteers connecting with the work

and community of Nehemiah.

Preparing and Connecting Emerging African American Leaders

We provide professional development training and coaching for African American young professionals through Nehemiah’s nine-month Leadership Institute. The institute includes monthly day-long working meetings, connection with established African American professionals in the Madison area, and one-on-one career coaching with Rev. Dr. Alexander Gee. Through this training, we equip African American leaders with the distinct tools needed to lead change in our Madison, in this current moment. Cohorts are limited to 15 participants to ensure an individualized experience. Employers sponsor their employees to enroll in the Leadership Institute.

Participants work together to develop and implement community-based projects that they believe will address a community issue that they’ve collectively identified and determined to work on and is aligned with Our Madison Plan.

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"It helped me learn to be a leader, as well as navigate in my leadership with a Black conscious. It has helped me realize the assets that I bring to the table, as a Black woman and leader."

- Symone Russell,

JA Leadership Institute Alumni

Community Education

For 30 years we have served and empowered the Black community and partnered with the broader community to develop our Theory of Community Transformation. We believe everyone can be inspired to be an agent of change.




Youth Education
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Learning Pod Innovation

For decades, we have observed stark racial disparities in a number of educational indicators in the Madison area. These gaps lead to a variety of detrimental outcomes that affect these youth and our community. Research shows that a focus on social-emotional, leadership, and positive self-identity skills can impact academic achievement just as much as focus on academic performance. In the face of so many negative statistics, we need to provide supportive and encouraging environments where African American students can thrive.

Nehemiah provides a wide array of culturally competent and relevant programs to meet the needs of K-12 students in the greater Madison area. Areas of focus include: academics, learning readiness, social & emotional learning skills, and leadership development. During the pandemic, our youth programming added an innovative approach to learning pods that saw students grow more successful in a culturally-engaging learning environment with culturally-competent coaches.

ACE Summer Program

ACE (Academic Center for Excellence) develops the academic talents, leadership skills and character of elementary age children. Through year-round programming we build lasting relationships with the children and their families and we foster academic, emotional, social and spiritual growth. During the challenges of the pandemic, our staff were still able to provide a safe and productive environment.

Black Health Disparity Research

Africans Americans face unique health challenges that require new approaches and data collection. Justified Anger has been innovating in numerous areas that are vital to the health and wellness of Black people. The covid Pandemic has increased many of these disparities, but we have been pointing to them before it was more apparent.

Justified Anger and Nehemiah have been looking at areas such as generational trauma, stress of microagressions, infant mortality rates, heart disease, and dementia. Our Reentry Services team has been on the forefront of mental health awareness and mindfulness techniques for men in prison and those returning to society.

"Racism is a white people problem. This is our responsibility to sign up for the class. Get ourselves educated. And then we have a lot of work to do."

- Alex Lindenmeyer, Short Stack Eatery

Looking back together so that we dare to dream of a future together

This course grew out of the experience of a community grappling with one of the largest racial disparities in the country and has fueled a movement of equitable change that has spread through the business, education, health, and faith sectors.

Our purpose is to understand how the African- American experience has shaped the world we all live in, and how allies can find roles supporting racial justice today. Rooting ourselves in our history, and understanding how we got here, will help us move forward together to make a better world and a stronger local community.

Now the course has reached it's vision in 2021 of going virtual with an online learning experience and expanded to 2 sessions offered a year in order to meet demand.

Course Enrollments and Growing

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"...this class is helping people wake up and then stand up, mobilizing people to recognize their power and place in racial justice work. And that is something that sets Justified Anger’s class apart from what I have experienced in the past. It is not simply a matter of learning and understanding and then going home, it is a call to action. After hearing their stories, I wanted in and I have not been disappointed!"

 - Kim Neuschel, Public Health Madison & Dane County

Affirming Diginity

If you interact with us then you are being enriched in your experience. We believe all people can make a difference in the world. You are valued.




Wrap-Around Services

  • Housing – We provide several safe, sober living environments throughout Madison for formerly incarcerated men
  • Coaching/Mentoring – We provide coaching that addresses issues such as trauma, healthy relationships, anger management, fatherhood and leadership development
  • Employment – We assist our participants with job placements in businesses throughout Dane County
  • Advocacy – We advocate for ex-offenders, particularly within the court and legal system
  • Case Management – We offer one on one case management for many of our participants

Criminal Justice Reform

Volunteers learn to log both concrete data about the case and subjective observations about the demeanor and interactions of various players in the courtroom. Collecting this data is helping us identify new areas of focus and potential areas of advocacy for those involved in the criminal justice system. The program shares the collected data with other researchers upon request and a group of undergraduate researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are currently using the data to study how the pandemic is affecting current cases.








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"One of the many things I think is truly fantastic about Nehemiah is the way (they) give space for and honor people’s strengths and abilities. If you’ve got the heart for this work, Nehemiah will give you a place to show up and it will help your heart grow."

- Sandi Reinardy,

Court Observer Program Coordinator and Trainer

Volunteer Opportunities

Nehemiah's volunteers are agents of change. Our vision is to engage the greater Madison community and beyond to empower African American individuals, families, and communities to bring about hope, transformation, and justice. We need your involvement!

Because Nehemiah and the Justified Anger initiative work in so many areas and on so many levels, there is always something that you can find to get involved. Being agents of change is a long journey and Nehemiah is here to help you on your path with education, inspiration, and relationships. We believe that volunteering with us is a transformational experience, evidenced by many of our staff starting as volunteers and joining the struggle for the long term.

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Volunteer Hours this Year

Be A Part Of The Community Transformation

When you connect with Nehemiah and the Justified Anger initiative you will be impacting the community and be transformed yourself in the process.