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  1. Hi Jacob, I have forwarded your message to the director of BROTHER and our executive manager. They will get in touch shortly or you can call the office at 608-257-2453 x230.

  2. Greetings,

    I am a school social worker supporting a program for students who have been expelled in the Madison Metropolitan School District. The program is called RISE (Reaching Individual Student Excellence). I am looking to partner with Nehemiah and the BROTHER program. If a representative could provide some more information and/or contact me at 608-235-4943 or 608-828-7907, that would be great.

    Your support would be very much appreciated!

  3. Hello,
    I just left a message for Reverend Gee. My name is Kristin Eckelberg, my husband, Dr. Todd Eckelberg met Reverend Gee at St, Mary’s Hospital last year when helping a patient’s family. We are turning to you to help in an unfortunate situation regarding a Porch light apt. at 318 S. Broom Street in Madison. Emmanuel Burrell is a 25 year old African American who lives at this address with (3?) roommates. He has not had a kitchen since the day he moved in, 5 months ago. He and his roommates keep getting the run around on a completion date and they are starting to go crazy as you can imagine. My husband and I have gotten to know Emmanuel very well as we are frequent customers at Jason’s Deli, where he works. We have gotten to know Emmanuel as a friend and want to help him get in contact with someone in Madison who can get Porch light to finish the kitchen. Can you help him? His phone number is 209-0431. Emmanuel is an upstanding young man, a strong Christian, and he and his roommates deserve a better living environment than a hot plate. Thank you, Kristin

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