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Year End Letter

Read a letter from Dr. Alex Gee about Nehemiah's 2019 year.


“I think your training of would-be allies is making a difference in [Madison education issues]. Before I might have thought “huh, that doesn’t seem right," but not felt like it was on me to speak up. Instead, I contacted the school board (as a lot of people have), the principal, anti-racist educators (who I met at the history class) and my kids about it.“

- History Class Participant

"I am not the same person who entered the program and the relationships I gained are invaluable...This program has allowed me to reflect on my mission and through each session, I have truly found my center.”

- Lariel Turner, JA Leadership Institute Graduate



We Have To Choose It

US African American History Course Participant and elementary school teacher, Megan Perry, shares her journey toward education and allyship.

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JA Leadership Institute Graduate Co-Chairs Diversity Conference

Lariel Turner discovers her unique identity as a leader and African American in the institute's supportive environment.

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An Encounter with Whiteness

Dantrell Cotton is a University of Wisconsin-Madison Master’s Graduate that reflects on his first interactions attending Harvard University.

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Creating Inclusive Work Environments

Harry Hawkins, Nehemiah Executive Vice President, hosts a discussion on the Nehemiah's uniquely inclusive workplace.

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Bridging The Gap: Dispatches From Prison

Rebecca Barber, Nehemiah Housing Coordinator-Reentry Services, interviews a currently incarcerated individual in a Wisconsin prison about the conditions in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

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Race and Language In Our Schools

Harry Hawkins facilitates a timely round table about the n-word, race, and the language of oppression with school board members and educators.

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