There is a need and desire for a stronger Madison for all—therefore, we focus on strengthening the African-American community. Nehemiah cultivates character, leadership, and economic development for the African-American community through culturally grounded programs. Our Justified Anger initiative works to eliminate racial disparities in the greater Madison area by developing relationships, solutions, and systems.


  • Connecting with people through meaningful relationships
  • Rebuilding the cultural and spiritual identity of those we serve
  • Respecting the inherent worth and value of each person
  • Serving with cultural awareness and competency
  • Honoring the wisdom and leadership within the community

We are an organization:

  • That is faith-based- recognizing the inherent God-given worth and talent in each person
  • That develops leaders- seeing and shaping the potential in those not often seen as leaders
  • With a unique staff and approach to community development – using the expertise of culturally competent staff who have walked in the shoes of those we serve
  • That serves all people but focuses on strengthening the black man and family – empowering them to become those who contribute to the health and betterment of our community
  • That listens to and learns from the community – who has invited our presence and programs