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Four important ways to get involved with Nehemiah.

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Be an agent of change, today. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available at Nehemiah. Our vision is to engage the greater Madison community to empower indigenous African American individuals, families and communities to bring about hope, transformation and justice. We need your involvement!

  1. To get started, browse through the various Nehemiah Programs to see what best fits your skills and interest
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4. Share Your Ideas! We need to hear from you. What else can be done in our community? What are your ideas? Please email with your ideas.


Alex Gee, Founder and Executive Director, Nehemiah

Our name, Nehemiah, comes from an ancient faith leader who brought his community together to strengthen the identity of their people and to rebuild the walls of their city – brick by brick. Our task today is much the same.

This was a good year for Nehemiah. Our youth empowerment programs for K-12 kids had great impact that helped keep those students a step ahead of the achievement gap. Not only did we influence academic success but also helped develop character, cultural identity and leadership skills.

We were encouraged by the work of our Reentry Services team. They provided wrap-around services for hundreds of formerly incarcerated men – including mentoring, housing, employment services and advocacy. During 2015 we were awarded grants that will enable us to have three additional reentry properties up and running in 2016. This is exciting news for our residents and our community!

Nehemiah’s Family & Community Wellness staff served several hundreds of residents in the Allied neighborhood and our Center for Justice & Reconciliation staff offered training for over 175 community members. We are very excited that in 2015 we started laying the foundation for a new branch of our work – Economic Development. Next year we will be able to comment on a powerful venture – an African American Entrepreneur Micro Loan Fund. Stay tuned.

As excited as I am about our programs and the affects they have in the people of Madison, I am equally excited about our staff. We are fortunate to have a strong team of talented and committed individuals who give of themselves generously and sacrificially for the sake of the community. If you know of them, I’m sure that you will heartily agree with me.

There is much to  celebrate  – and there is much work ahead. 

Together Building,

Rev. Dr. Alex Gee, Jr.