Justified Anger is hiring a full time staff member to as our Emerging Initiatives and Volunteer Coordinator.  To apply, send your resume and cover letter with three references (one personal, two work-related) to justifiedanger@nehemiah.org.  Click here to download the position brochure with more information.



The Justified Anger Emerging Initiatives & Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for implementing multifaceted mobilization strategies of finding, rallying, training and deploying concerned volunteers into the problem spaces within our community as outlined in the “Our Madison Plan.” Our core belief is that the magnitude of racial disparity in this community is so overwhelming that success literally requires hundreds of individuals who will be organized and mobilized to act on opportunities and serve in a multitude of ways and through various venues. These opportunities will range from policy analysis, letter writing campaigns, and fundraising, to small project management, communications and event planning.


Key Responsibilities


  • Ally / Volunteer management
    • Establish and nurture longstanding relationships with external partners for advancing Justified Anger goals.
    • Deployment of allies / volunteers for programming initiatives.
    • Managing the ally / volunteer training process ensuring members are vetted, informed, and compassionate.
    • Establish, communicate, and oversee Justified Anger “Memorandum of Understanding” process for all potential partnerships.
    • Manage and track all activities related to Emerging Initiative activities as directed by Justified Anger President or Director of Program Growth and Community Engagement.
    • Facilitate process for implementation of volunteers related to Emerging Initiative activities
    • Designing, implementing and evaluating strategies for mobilizing interested volunteers/allies into meaningful cross-cultural activities that offer support to individuals and families identified in the “Our Madison Plan”
  • Interface with Director of Program Growth & Community Engagement.
    • Meet regularly with supervisor on status of Emerging Initiatives.
    • Ongoing communication of current status.
    • Attend Justified Anger team meetings as required
    • Consult with Justified Anger Operation Team members to prioritize issues and determine which goals should receive focused attention at any point in time
    • Collaborate with Community Engagement Organizer as appropriate
  • Administrative Duties
    • Oversight of ally / volunteer database and online submissions.
    • Track service hours of deployed allies / volunteers.
    • Develop reports / metrics related to deployment of allies / volunteers.

Ideal Candidate Profile

  • Justified Anger is looking for a creative, energetic individual with strong project management skills.
  • This position requires a broad skill set centered around cultural awareness, human development and group dynamics.
  • The successful candidate will be skilled in written and oral communication within a variety of settings, particularly cross-culturally with diverse populations; highly organized; and able to work collaboratively, take direction, and maintain productivity in a dynamic environment with minimal oversight.
  • College degree preferred. Relevant experience in lieu of a college degree will be considered.
  • 3 – 5 years Project Management experience a plus