What exactly is community wellness?  Think about it like your kitchen pantry.  There you have many different ingredients for your favorite recipes.  You may have a blender, a toaster oven and multiple sized baking pans.  Each of these items and more become essential in cooking a healthy meal that not only fills you up but fills your home with delicious smells! Each of those ingredients and tools in your pantry affect how your recipes turn out – the same way that we as individuals affect the community in which we live and work. It is our collective concerns, skills, goals, momentum, talents and more that work to ensure we live and work in healthy communities.

Blog 1Take a few minutes and think about the community in which you live.  What ingredients does it have and which ones may need to be restored, built or cultivated? Many of us can agree that a community should have some very basic ingredients: clean and safe neighborhoods, access to jobs that sustain the family, quality education, access to quality food and healthcare,  reliable modes of transportation and responsible business owners to name a few.   When one of those ingredients is missing or comes up short it affects the wellness of our community therefore affecting our families and each of us as individuals.

Our relationships with each other will dictate how we work together to create and cultivate a community that benefits everyone. This is what I’ll be blogging about essentially: family and community wellness and how each of us makes up the ingredients. Blog 1.1Together we’ll explore our neighborhoods and families.  We’ll discover best practices happening right here at home in the city we live in.  I’ll be coming directly to you as well because you’re part of the community and I’d love to have your input too!

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