Education. One of its Latin roots means “to draw out”. If this is the design of education then that means there is something on the inside of us worth Educo2sharing, displaying, celebrating, understanding and unlocking. Everyone, including yourself, is born with the abilities and capabilities to reach his or her potential and in turn be a success.

Question: Have you ever thought why do we celebrate our heritage, lineage, and identity? Perhaps, it is only because our predecessors reached their potential.

What would the significance of February Educo(Black History Month) be if Carter G. Woodson had not reached his potential? What would the significance be of “I Have a Dream” if Dr. King was never taught, told, or believed he could dream? In essence, we celebrate the likes of Carter G. Woodson, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the amazing individuals in our families who did a lot with little because they reached their potential. The celebration of heritage, lineage, identity, etc.  are indicators and communicators that trace us back to what someone deposited in those individuals and in turn we reflect on the success.

Who are you depositing in so that the “drawing out” Educo1process or education can begin or even start again? Take a few minutes and reflect on who deposited into you, simultaneously, drawing out your ability to reach your full potential. They say the richest place in the world is the cemetery.

As a reader of this blog, you are encouraged to leave comments, challenge and celebrate the thoughts shared. I volunteered to write not because I am an expert but because as I learn I have and want to continue to share with others that knowledge. So, as a member of the Madison community, share this blog with those working and need to be working towards justified action.

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