Last year Madison came in 5th in one of the many “Best Places to Live in America” surveys. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, City staff teamed up over the last year to work on improving our ranking. This year we finished 1st. Well done.

Efforts put forth to improve this ranking begs a question: As Madison is rated near the bottom, or even the worst, place in the U.S. for young black men in a number of critical areas (e.g. high school drop out rate, employment, incarceration), what is being done to help us improve those rankings?

The Justified Anger Coalition is working hard: listening to people who are most affected by our low ranking (children, ex-offenders, single moms, students, services professionals and community activists), planning and building strategic partnerships. As our plans are revealed and a vast coalition of individuals and organizations is mobilized, we will be able to work together to eliminate the unacceptable racial disparities that unfortunately are miserably affecting Madison and Dane County.

Below is a graphic that shows what we’ve been up to and what is coming in the next few months. We urge you to not let these matters “cool” or succumb to “issue fatigue” but instead to keep working to make a difference in our community by doing things such as:

  • continuing to read about these issues
  • talking with friends, family and coworkers about what you are learning and thinking about race relations
  • directing friends to our survey site ( to weigh in on offering solutions
  • joining our mailing list and asking friends to the same by clicking Join Us!

The strength of any sustained social movement lies within its grassroots structure. We appreciate your standing with us. You will have a chance to be a major part of our plan as things move forward. Thanks for staying connected and thanks for being a part of the solution.

We can and must bring about hope, transformation and justice for everyone.

Working together to take us from Worst to First,

Rev. Dr. Alex Gee, Jr.

ja process map