justified-art-logoDon’t miss the public reception for the Justified Art! exhibit TONIGHT from 6-8pm in Gallery I at Overture Center for the Arts. The exhibit will be open through May 31.

About Justified Art! (from their website):
Justified Art! is a platform for visual artists to participate in the conversation inspired by “Justified Anger”, a Cap Times essay by Rev. Alex Gee detailing his personal experience with racial profiling and discrimination as an African American living in the Madison area.

You are invited to further the discussion Rev. Gee initiated through original, creative expression. Share your personal experiences with discrimination, examine your own role in perpetuating oppressive practices, or even imagine Dane County’s possible future – will we ever become the flourishing, multiracial community we aspire to be? At the very least, we seek works of art that intervene and raise awareness about the racial disparities that exist in our community. More ambitiously, we seek art that intends to change the very way we see, enact, and make sense of social justice, including what we understand to be a just society itself. Insights and relationships emerging from this visual dialogue affirm both the role of art, in imagining a more equitable society, and the gallery, as a space to embody this inclusive ideal.