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By Harry Hawkins


Racial Bias is like your scent; it travels with you everywhere. Because this is true, understanding yourself is the first step in cultural competence. As we move forward together in taking a look at the racial disparity in the education system, it is imperative that we understand what enters into the classroom as teachers, administrators, and other students interact with our children.

Click here to take the Race bias test, compiled by Project Implicit. Once you click on the link scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “I wish to proceed” link. On the next page scroll down and click on the RACE IAT button. They will ask for some demographic information. You should set aside fifteen minutes to complete the test undisturbed.

Once you’re finished, join us on Tuesday, March 14th, to share your thoughts on the test on Facebook as we begin to unpack the issues surrounding Education and racial disparities.