C-Suite: slang term used to collectively refer to a corporation’s most important senior executives. C-Suite gets its name because top senior executives’ titles tend to start with the letter C, for chief, as in chief executive officer, chief operating officer and chief information officer. The C-suite is considered the most important and influential group of individuals at a company.

Incarceration. There are so many angles a blogger could take to approach this topic and still involuntarily neglect vital points and heart-issues that speak to the full truth of its impact on society. But I will focus on the main stakeholder and the basic need that affects them the most if unattained- gainful employment. As a Re-entry workshop leader and employment and training professional, Real C-Suite employee blog pic 3I have heard several stories of those returning home who feared returning to jail or prison because gaining employment is a condition of their freedom. I have seen and helped those who job searched tirelessly and those who had made up in their minds that filling out applications was pointless due to the strong and reasonable belief of not getting interviewed.

Real C-Suite employee blog pic 2In my opinion, the reason all transitioning back into society give different levels of effort is that attaining gainful employment is overwhelming and too big of a burden to carry alone. They need the hand of their love ones and friends of their loved ones to give guidance.

Those returning home seek stability and a major factor in arriving at that peace is gaining employment. Rehabilitating the mind, attitude, and behavior is more likely to occur with the peace of knowing you have a job that supports you financially.

Real C-Suite employee blog pic 1Those returning home deserve the right to pursue gainful employment. As a community and friends and family of those “returning home”, it is our obligation to share with them the leverage they have when interviewing with employers. Ex-offenders can leverage the Federal Bonding program and also the Work Opportunity Tax Credit in discussion of a job with an employer. These two most common programs are, unfortunately, unknown to small – medium sized business owners, especially. The employer does have to first, on some level, feel the ex-offender can and would add value to their company before considering these federal incentives. But that is no different from a person with no to little record being vetting for an opening. Sometimes, employers can forget that. If someone you care about is in this situation, share with them these links as a way to start.

Take this challenge as your justified action and duty! Help someone returning home”.