Yesterday, we posted a Call for Action to write to UW officials about the racist costume and the UW’s response at Saturday’s football game. Thank you all for so promptly answering that call! We are posting your letters, with your permission. You can view them all here:

If you sent a letter and would like us to post it, please forward it to and let us know if it’s okay to use your name or if you would prefer it to be anonymous.

Let your action be encouragement for others!

Click here to learn about what happened at the game.

UW-Madison’s response from 10/30/2016/

Black Community Leaders to UW: “It’s time to put up or shut up”

Wisconsin changes venue policies in response to noose costume

Below, you will find links to letters written by other organizations or published in local press.

Alumni response in Daily Cardinal

Statement from Urban League of Greater Madison

Opinion column by Matthew Braunginn

Letter from YWCA Madison

UW-Madison faculty and staff demand end to racism on campus

Badger Athletes Demand Change, Call Noose Incident “Punch in the Face”