The racial disparities in Madison and throughout Wisconsin have created two dramatically different realities along racial lines. The disparities between race amongst children in Wisconsin ranks worst nationally in recent studies. Current services, efforts, and solutions are fragmented and underserving the minority population in Madison and statewide. The goal is to create a movement that will unite leadership, vision, policy, and strategy to identify the gaps in services and areas of need, and then plan and implement a long-term strategy to improve the lives of minorities in Madison, resources available, and the damaged image of the state as unfriendly for minorities.

The work of the Justified Anger Coalition began in February 2014 with the Justified Anger Town Hall Meeting, when leaders in the African American community came together to share with the broader Madison community (600 stakeholders in attendance) its plans.


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Create a coalition that would empower the Black community to define its own solutions

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Establish a plan of action to address long-standing and harmful racial disparities in social and economic outcomes

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Partner with other leaders, agencies, and employers within and outside of the Black community to get results



”We need white allies to move beyond merely helping our black kids – we need allies who will help teach their own kids as well so that one day they will be able to work together with our kids in righting the wrongs of history.”

- Dr. Alex Gee

Allies For A Stronger Madison

This is a starting point for non-black people of courage and conviction to come together to think and learn about the history that has shaped our world and worldviews. Over nine Monday evenings, February 4 through April 15, Justified Anger will be collaborating with history professors from UW-Madison to revisit the American past with justice in mind.

Our purpose is to understand how the African-American experience has shaped the world we all live in, and how allies can find roles supporting racial justice today. We will lead this process without the use of guilt, finger-pointing, or propaganda, and lead from a place of compassion, community, and understanding. Rooting ourselves in our history, and understanding how we got here, will help us move forward together to make a better world and a stronger Madison.


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Justified Anger brings you stories and conversations from staff and the movement that inspire, educate, and engage toward justice action. The goal is to eliminate racial disparities by provoking moral conscience and directing collective action at the grassroots and systemic levels.