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Read the original Cap Times article by Alex Gee on December 18, 2013, which catalyzed this initiative.
Read Alex Gee’s follow up article in the Cap Times on observations and activities of the past year.

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The racial disparities in Madison and throughout Wisconsin have created two dramatically different realities along racial lines. The disparities between race amongst children in Wisconsin, ranks worst nationally in recent studies. Current services, efforts, and solutions are fragmented and underserving the minority population in Madison and statewide. The goal is to create a movement that will unite leadership, vision, policy, and strategy to identify the gaps in services and areas of need, and then plan and implement a long-term strategy to improve the lives of minorities in Madison, resources available, and the damaged image of the state as unfriendly for minorities.

The work of the Justified Anger Coalition began in February 2014 with the Justified Anger Town Hall Meeting, when leaders in the African American community came together to share with the broader Madison community (600 stakeholders in attendance) its plans to accomplish three things:

  1. JA town hallCreate a coalition that would empower the Black community to define its own solutions.
  2. Establish a plan of action to address long-standing and harmful racial disparities in social and economic outcomes
  3. Partner with other leaders, agencies, and employers within and outside of the Black community to get results.

Five Focus Areas / Strategic Priorities (click headings to view Goals and Objectives for each area):

  1. Education – To lead and advocate for policies, practices, and innovations that result in the increased graduation of African American youth that are college and career ready.
  2. Economic Development – To lead and advocate for policies, practices, and innovations that result in family sustaining employment, entrepreneurship, and business development in the African American community.
  3. Incarceration  To lead and advocate for policies, practices, and innovations that prevent and dramatically reduce the incarceration and recidivism of African Americans in the criminal justice system.
  4. Family and Community Wellness – To identify, lead, and advocate for policies, practices, and innovations that promote the health and wellness of African American adults, children, and families while eliminating racial disparities in key health and wellness indicators in Dane County.
  5. Leadership and Capacity Development – To increase, enhance and sustain the excellent service delivery of culturally competent programs by and for the African American community through the personal, professional, and organizational capacity development of leaders and their agencies.
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