Nehemiah – Who We Are

There is a need and desire for a stronger Madison for all – therefore we focus on strengthening the African American community. Nehemiah cultivates character, leadership, and economic development for the African American community through culturally grounded programs.

The Need

Reducing African American/white racial disparities in Madison requires a dual approach in terms of leadership and capacity development. African Americans are extremely underrepresented in executive and leadership roles in local businesses and though they make up about 6% of the population, they own only around 1% of all businesses. African American leaders who do manage to find success in Madison often do not stay long due to lack of support. To improve this outcome, we need to increase opportunities for African American professionals to learn, grow, advance, and network as leaders.

To begin to change the status quo, we also need to expand the awareness of white professionals and community members of historic and current root causes and effects of racial disparities. As white Madisonians begin to understand the structural and institutional factors that cause current racial disparities, they can begin to develop solutions to build more inclusive environments.

Leadership & Capacity Development

Nehemiah provides a wide array of culturally competent and relevant programs to meet the needs of African American leaders as well as the general Madison population. Our programs are designed to transform the many faces of leadership within our community.

Our Leadership & Capacity Development programs include:

  • Leadership Institute – We offer a 9-month leadership development cohort for emerging African American leaders. This program includes nine half-day intensives, networking opportunities, mentoring, guided readings, and a social innovation project.
  • Community Courses – Justified Anger hosts several continuing education courses for community members. The most notable is our ten-week U.S. African American History course. These have been instrumental in developing allies for the work of eradicating racial disparities.
  • Community Workshops – We provide three-part workshops on the realities of mass incarceration in the U.S. in general, and Wisconsin, in particular.

Contact Information 608.257.2453