Sent Thursday, March 28, 2020

(Edited to protect identities)

This ___ is real! Rumor has it that the virus is in four prisons and growing. They said it’s in (4 prison locations) and has corona and the Nora virus. Yet the government has not reacted except to take our visits, recreation, school and place people in quarantine in seg or in their cells with their other three or four soulmates. They got us locked up living on top of each other, and they expect the virus not to spread. If this thing gets in (maximum security prison), do you know how many people won’t make it? There is plenty of elderly here. And the health care here isn’t set up for this kind of outbreak. I am fortunate to be young and in good health. But I can’t say the same for the people I’m surrounded by. The precaution the D.O.C. is taking isn’t enough. The guards are getting screamed at the door. They got to do something to reduce the population. Otherwise, we are all sitting ducks, and some of us are just waiting for our death sentence. We all know this medical staff here isn’t up to par. Anytime your doctor visit starts with “when is your release date “you already know you’ve got a problem. When will the government realize this is a problem that can’t be fixed by stopping visiting and other petty steps they’re putting in place? Does an inmate have to die before they react accordingly?