By Harry Hawkins

Small things can have a significant impact. Think about the last time you had a splinter in your finger or an eyelash that you couldn’t remove quickly from your eye. Thankfully, generosity works the same way. A small act for some can make a huge impact for others.

The Allied and Meadowood Communities experienced the power of generosity over the last few weeks. In partnership with Justified Anger, Chaplain Gloria Farr and Jackie Hunt, Community Engagement Specialist, were excited to receive donations from a group of US Black History class participants for an essentials pantry. Over the span of three weeks, class members responded to a call to give essentials to their neighbors in the Allied and Meadowood communities.

With all of the essentials given donated, like toilet paper, diapers, and deodorant, supplied the needs of the pantry for three months, according to Chaplain Gloria Farr, who runs the pantry. Jackie Hunt will be able to provide incentives for many events and pilot projects with the gift cards she received for use in the Meadowood Area.

A retiree, who runs a clothing pantry in the same building expressed how many people come to Madison with nothing. Many are escaping poor living circumstances in other areas, like domestic violence, or substance abuse-related conditions. “They arrive with nothing. They need everything,” he said.

It was a breath of fresh air to see the piles of goods, which filled up a Honda Civic the first week and required an SUV the next. People willingly bought essentials and gift cards and transformed the experience many people will have in the neighborhood.

“Thank you so much. Tell them we said thank you,” Chaplain Farr said as the items were dropped off. She has worked for seven years with Nehemiah, and even longer in the community to serve the people there, and having the basics keeps people from choosing between food, essentials, or utilities.

Transformations happen every day when we allow ourselves to release the bits of good in our hearts to help our neighbors.