Your Summer Just Got Better!

“In The Mix with Nehemiah” is your monthly source for staying connected to the culture of Nehemiah and Justified Anger.


Get the inside scoop on what our staff, friends, and allies are into each month to help get a better perspective on issues of race, leadership, transformation, justice, and community. We hope that these recommendations help us build a #StrongerMadisonForAll. Don’t miss it!


Anthony Cooper, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Reentry Services, recommends reading the book, He-Motions: Even Strong Men Struggle, by T. D. Jakes, for an insight into how men can build healthy relationships and work through concepts of masculinity. He-Motions provides, “a candid, no-holds-barred look at sexuality, spirituality, and the seldom mentioned but extremely important emotions that shape success in every area of a man’s life.” (Good Reads)

Karen Reece Phiffer, Vice President of Research and Education, recommends listening to For the Love of Hip-Hop, a free summer concert series. Among her many duties with Nehemiah, Karen is also the current president of UCAN (Urban Community Arts Network), whose mission is to, “empower and unify youth and adults through urban arts, specifically Hip-Hop.”

The concert series, presented at the top of State St. and in the Library Mall, will offer, “live Hip-Hop performances–rappers, DJs, and singers–for free, all summer long!”


Aaron Hicks, Nehemiah’s Assistant Diretor for Reentry Services, recommends the PBS documentary, A Class Divided, the famous “Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes” classroom exercise conducted by former schoolteacher, Jane Elliott.

Ms. Elliott first conducted this classroom experiment in 1968, the day after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. She realized that simply describing discrimination to her third-grade class wasn’t enough, so she devised this oft-recognized, two-day example of the painful realities of bigotry and intolerance.