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Read This!
Marie Stolzenburg, Director of Mobilization, recommends reading the article What is AAVE?, to learn more about African American Vernacular English. From some of her study of AAVE, Marie wants to make sure people understand that it is a dialect of English with clear grammatical rules, just as British English is a dialect. This article is a great place to start learning about AAVE because language is often a tool of oppression in our society.
Listen to This!
Britt Moes, Housing Coordinator for Reentry Services, recommends listening to the podcast Black Men Can’t Jump [In Hollywood]. Britt is an avid podcast listener and says “This podcast is full of comedic relief with a culturally diverse team who discuss films which have Black led actors and actresses.” Listen for a fun and insightful conversation on race representation in popular media.

Watch This!
Tyler Nylen, Special Assistant to Dr. Gee and Black Like Me Podcast Producer, recommends the new Netflix limited series, When They See Us. The four episodes are directed by Ava DuVernay, known for Selma and The 13th, a talented voice in telling diverse stories. In an interview with GQ she stated, “These stories have the opportunity to not just shift/shape culture but shift the way we think about each other and the way we think as black people and brown people. It’s race work, and through that, the privileged and the allied may be educated.​” For more about how this story shaped our justice system, Read Here
Go To This!
Saturday, June 15
12 – 6 PM

Jackie Hunt, Peer Support Specialist, recommends attending Juneteenth events to celebrate and learn more about African American heritageActivities at Penn Park on June 15th will include heritage exhibitions, food booths, vendors, main stage entertainment, and tents for toddlers, children, and teens.