One critical thing we are missing in our culture is the presence of wise sages. Sages are those who are able to take their experience and wisdom and share it with others. My grandma was one of those wise sages, and I wanted to share 12 things I learned from her on this latest episode of Black Like Me. These are 12 of they key things that have shaped me into the man and leader I am today. Please listen and learn with me from this incredible woman who helped form me.

  1. Respect Your Elders
  2. Don’t Surround Yourself with Boot-Lickers and Butt-Kissers
  3. Don’t Be A Prisoner To Debt
  4. Show Gratitude (Have Cultural Pride)
  5. Hold Your Head Up In All Circumstances (And Look People in the Eye When Talking To Them)
  6. Don’t Play On The Phone (Understand the Importance of Things)
  7. Tell the Truth (Because It’s Hard to Remember Lies)
  8. Seize Opportunities
  9. Have Faith In God (Stay Small)
  10. Protect Family
  11. When Others Tell You What Others Say About You, They Are Telling You What They Think About You
  12. Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew