Alex Gee, NehemiahI want to thank you for your support by sharing a story with you, and a few words in the video (bottom of page).

Fatherlessness was stifling Marcus. This 7th grade student often found himself trapped between pain and anger – both of which resulted in him shutting down emotionally and doubting himself. This kind of pain and anger often impedes the academic confidence of bright young men like Marcus.

One day Marcus called Anthony, Director of our BROTHER middle school program, to process an important decision with him. Marcus’ Dad had asked for a chance to reconcile. Because of the meaningful relationship developed with Anthony, and following his input, Marcus embarked on a much-needed healing journey with his father. Marcus’ choice led to increased focus and unprecedented academic confidence. BROTHER’s support of young men like Marcus is truly changing lives.

It’s because of our financial partners that this amazing young man has someone and somewhere to take his pain. Anthony was there for Marcus, and you have been there for us. This is just one of hundreds of stories that Nehemiah creates. Nehemiah not only empowers youth but we also create economic opportunity, provide wrap-around reentry services, and support family and community wellness as we change the face of leadership. Finding and keeping the best people to run our programs and being able to increase the scope of our programs means we need you. Your generosity changes lives.

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Rev. Alex Gee Jr.
Founder, Executive Director
Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development