Although having been a part of the Nehemiah family for a short period of time, I have acquired an immense amount of knowledge on social issues and how to become a key player in making Madison a more equitable place. I think some of my most impactful experiences were being able to work under such great minds as Karen Reece, Harry Hawkins, and Jacquelyn Hunt.

Through my work at this organization, I was able to create informative newsletters and infographics to be used as a way to advance the media appeal of the Families Overcoming Struggles to Encourage Restoration(F.O.S.T.E.R) organization. In these projects, I not only addressed upcoming events but also touched on some alarming issues. For example, through the lectures I got to listen to by the panelists and guest speakers of Justified Anger, I was able to design a variety of infographics about pressing topics ranging from African American history and how it is neglected in today’s society, the suppression of Black female voices, as well as the school to prison pipeline and how America’s youth are still being segregated. Every one of the assignments I have been tasked with provided me with a different learning experience and deepened my understanding of the importance of progressive black and white relations in the Dane County Area.

One of the most enjoyable parts about being an intern here at Nehemiah is the workplace environment and how intellectual, understanding, and open all of the team members are. When I was given the opportunity to work at this black-led organization I was extremely elated because of all the positive work they have done in the Dane County community. When reflecting on my first day at Nehemiah until now I can truly say that I am grateful for the chance to have contributed to fulfilling their vision of reinventing a stronger Madison for all through the emphasis of African-American encouragement and support.

Myesha Williams

2021 Intern