We work to interrupt the school to prison pipeline and the cycle of poverty, racism and discrimination that many families face by concentrating our efforts on prevention, early intervention, education, restoration and community and economic development.

Youth Empowerment & Leadership Development

ACE (Academic Center for Excellence) develops the academic talents, leadership skills and character of elementary age children.

MID (My IDentity) is our program to develop leadership skills in middle school students. Many of these participants serve as “Junior Coaches” in the summer ACE program.

BROTHER (Building Real Opportunities That Help Everyone Rise) is Nehemiah’s strategic program reaching African American middle school boys, guiding them to a productive, healthy manhood.

LIGHT (Learning is Our Greatest Hope for Tomorrow) reaches out to high school students to support them as they pursue graduating from high school and going on to family supporting jobs or college.

Madison Inspirational Youth Choir is a youth gospel choir that works to spread the message of “hope, strength and the power to overcome.” Participants develop discipline, skills and teamwork as they work via the arts.

Family & Community Wellness

Our Community Chaplain collaborates with churches and nonprofits serving the at-risk, under-resourced Allied neighborhood. The Chaplain provides advocacy for residents, serves as an intermediary with a wide range of social service providers, offers direct assistance with basic needs and offers spiritual care.

Economic Development

Our Community & Economic Development focus seeks to create healthy, equitable communities for all. We will work with mission-driven organizations to create opportunity for economic growth for individuals and the African American community as a whole.

Reentry Services

We provide a wide array of culturally competent and relevant services to meet the reentry needs of men who are leaving jail or prison. We offer emergency and transitional housing along with reentry and recovery coaching to help ex-offenders successfully transition back into our community.

Urban Impact

Urban Impact is a new initiative that will offer culturally competent, relevant training in urban community development and social justice issues. We will serve local and national pastors, community members, service providers and civic leaders.

Our 2015 Impact

  • We changed hundreds of lives!
  • We housed 160 ex-offenders, preventing them from becoming homeless.
  • We mentored and coached 200 ex-offenders through our Man Up program
  • We assisted 85 ex-offenders in finding employment
  • We built trust with 45 middle school boys – offering them a positive same race role model
  • We helped 50 elementary children be more successful in school and life

Nehemiah’s Executive Leadership

Rev. Dr. Alexander Gee, Jr. is the founder and CEO of Nehemiah. Dr. Gee provides strategic visioning for Nehemiah. Dr. Gee is Senior Pastor at Fountain of Life Covenant Church on Madison’s south side. Dr. Gee’s graduate work centered on understanding the impact of fatherlessness on the African American community.