The Need

Wisconsin ranks among states with the most extreme racial disparity in economic opportunity in the country. The unemployment rate for African Americans is 2.5 times higher than whites while the median household income for African Americans is half that of their white counterparts.

Maintaining a healthy economy for our community requires participation from all citizens. While disparities in education and criminal justice affect the disparity in economic opportunity, they do not fully account for these differences. Closing the economic opportunity gap will require a broad approach which includes attention to fair hiring and advancement opportunity, expansion of minority-owned businesses, and the development of minority generated entrepreneurial enterprises.

Economic Development

Nehemiah provides multiple avenues to prompt economic development, especially for African Americans.

Our programs include:

  • Reentry Employment Assistance – We provide employment assistance to formerly incarcerated individuals.
  • African American Entrepreneur Loan Fund – We offer small loans to entrepreneurs wanting to start or expand their own businesses.