MIYC’s goal is to fuse together awareness of issues facing the community with the inspirational messages of gospel music to help bring about positive change and enhancement to the quality of life in our community.

MIYC is committed to strengthening and uplifting the Fitchburg area and Meadowood Neighborhood. The MIYC is a volunteer, non-auditioned, multiracial and multicultural choir which renders musical performances primarily consisting of traditional and contemporary gospel songs.

Through song, dance, drama, and oral presentation, the choir’s mission is to spread a message of “Hope, Strength, and the Power to Overcome.”

Rehearsals are held each Wednesday from 6-7:15pm at the Meadowood Neighborhood Center and is open to all Dane County residents, ages 7-17.

The MIYC has two major components:

  1. Performing Arts: MIYC develops a deeper appreciation for the performing arts in the participants and the larger community.
  2. Empowerment : Through open discussions and community service activities, MIYC allows for active participation in finding solutions to issues facing the community such as abuse, homelessness, poverty, crime, depression, and high school drop-out rates.

If you are interested in joining or would like additional information about rehearsal times or volunteer opportunities contact: info@nehemiah.org