Our Team

Rev. Dr. Alex Gee

President and Founder

The visionary of Nehemiah. He is a loving husband and father and also a pastor, writer, community activist, life coach, international lecturer, relief worker, and social entrepreneur. His interests include: understanding the impact of fatherlessness on the African American community, cross-cultural leadership empowerment, spiritual life coaching, motivational speaking, mentoring, and transformational leadership development. You can find more of his own personal thoughts and insights at his personal website: AlexGee.com.

Dr. Gee studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; Fuller Seminary’s Distance Learning Program and Bakke Graduate University, where he earned his doctorate. The author of two books and a local radio host, his relief work and motivational lectures have lately taken him to Cambodia, Korea, and South Africa.

Harry Hawkins

Executive Vice President

Harry Hawkins brings over ten years of management experience to Nehemiah. He holds multiple degrees in Business Administration with a focus on Organizational Behavior. Harry is an author, a business owner, and a dreamer. When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he responded “One of the X-men”. He hopes to leave a legacy of excellence at Nehemiah, building on the work of the last 25 years.


Anthony Cooper Sr.

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Reentry Services

Anthony Cooper, Sr. (“Coop”) uses his life experiences to help men in the Madison community. A devoted husband and father of two sons, he dedicates his time to ensure that men leaving prison are re-acclimated to society. Anthony brings 10 years of job development and mentoring experience to this role. He has served as a placement specialist, corporate recruiter, Fatherhood Program facilitator at the Urban League of Greater Madison and as Owner/Director of Opportunity Tree, Inc.

As the Director of Reentry Services, Anthony is responsible for networking with employers, partnering with community organizations and the Dept. of Corrections, mentoring and establishing mentor relationships, and operating the Nehemiah House and Dignity House. Anthony has a strong passion for changing the view of incarcerated individuals in society so they no longer feel imprisoned when released.


Karen Reece

Vice President of Research and Education

Karen Reece holds a Ph.D. in Physiology granted from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. She began her career as a research scientist in academic and biotechnology settings.  Dr. Reece is involved in strategic planning for Justified Anger and manages a continuous/dynamic evaluation program to ensure forward progress and quality control. Dr. Reece supports Nehemiah program staff and others to expand their understanding and use of evidence-based practices. She works to help program staff with setting realistic and measurable goals and outcomes and develops data collection tools that can be seamlessly integrated into day-to-day program activities to facilitate accurate tracking and reporting. When she’s not doing research and/or organizing events, Karen enjoys the local music scene (particularly Hip-Hop), playing the cello and singing, and fighting for social justice.


Lilada Gee

A dynamic voice on behalf of Black girls and women throughout the African Diaspora who carry the heavy burden of generations of sexual trauma, as well as their own—Lilada Gee has committed her life to the defending of Black girlhood and the healing of Black women. Daring preacher and intuitive inspirational speaker, Lilada captivates audiences across the globe with her wisdom, insight, and distinct sense of humor. She will have you laughing until you are crying one minute and deeply contemplating how to live your best life, the next.

With more than 30 years in the fields of education and social services, Lilada founded Black Woman Heal—a Madison-based non-profit organization that inspires Black women to join her in her life’s work to defend Black girlhood, by creating safe places for Black girls as well as themselves, to heal. Unapologetic advocate and audacious Healer,  Lilada organized the international healing movement—Black Woman Heal Day. Black Woman Heal Day is held worldwide every April 1st.

Lilada is a life-long resident of Madison, Wisconsin, and a proud mother of two awesome adult children–Alexandra and Christian.


Gloria Manadier-Farr

Director of Community Chaplaincy & Allied Empowerment Services

Gloria Manadier-Farr is a licensed Minister of Fountain of Life Church and licensed Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor. She has worked in several positions throughout Dane County, including: Allied Wellness Center, Harper Adult Family Home, Rise-Up Inc., Tellurian U-CAN, Madison Inner City Council on Substance Abuse, and Mental Health Center of Dane County. Most notably, Gloria has over 18 years of experience in the fields of substance abuse, trauma, and mental health. She worked for seven years as the Program Director for Genesis Development Corporation, serving primarily African American families of Dane County and surrounding areas.


Ozanne Anderson

Director of Youth Development and Education

Coach O, is devoted to uplifting her community through education, mentorship, curriculum development and academic coaching.  She is a mother of three boys and a wife of 22 years.  As a community educator, Ozanne is passionate about education that serves children and youth holistically.  She believes people are best served when we prepare to serve them completely considering the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being of the whole persons she serves.


Lindsey Johnson

Director of Youth, Family, and Community Wellness

Lindsey Johnson grew up a military brat, having spent the majority of her life traveling the United States. She lived in six different states and has revisited each multiple times. Moving across the country has allowed Lindsey to build lifelong friendships with people from all different backgrounds. She brings over 10 years of administrative skills to Nehemiah and she is passionate about family, health, and fitness. As a mother of four children, Lindsey is committed to helping make positive changes that will help underprivileged children and families. Her hobbies include working out, traveling to new parts of the world, exploring Madison’s parks and libraries with her kids, and shopping.


Shameka Harper

Director of Administration

Shameka Harper has a strong background in sales and business management. Shameka has helped run two businesses focused on telecommunication sales and contract writing. Shameka has also owned and run her own in-home childcare. As a wife and mother of 4, she enjoys traveling with her family, watching documentaries, and listening to music.


Siobhan Jackson

Director of Mobilization

Siobhan Jackson is a Cardinal Stritch University graduate that has found her home here in Madison,WI. She is an artist first but community advocate through and through. Siobhan’s life long goal is to always be active in her community no matter how big or small the role may be. She has spent most of her time in the Musical Theater Non-profit world teaching music and performance to public school students with little or no arts programing. In her role with Nehemiah, like any producer or director would, she coordinates and elevates the knowledge, natural care, and talents of this community’s volunteers.


Denise Thornton Mjelde

Director of Economic Innovation and Sustainability

Denise Thornton Mjelde has a Masters in French Language and Literature. She comes to Nehemiah after 20 years in the banking industry, where she was most recently in charge of a compliance department. Prior to her position with Nehemiah, she spent most of her free time volunteering for the organization. Denise lives with her husband and two cats. Her two children are grown and live elsewhere, in other cities or even other countries.


Andrea J Dearlove

Director of Donor Engagement

Andrea’s career has included 30+ years of experience in both the nonprofit and foundation worlds. Her introduction to Nehemiah was as a participant in the first cohort of the Justified Anger Black History for a New Day course in 2016 and she has remained engaged from that point forward. Born in Washington DC, she has been a Madison, Wisconsin resident for 29 years and lives here with her husband, son and parents just around the corner. Her retirement dream is to have a rescue for old dogs to live out their days in peace and comfort.  Andrea hopes her legacy will be changing how philanthropy views community experience and voice in order to achieve genuine and lasting impact.


Eli Steenlage

Director of Communications

Eli Steenlage has a Masters in Cinema and Media Studies from DePaul University and has previously taught Film and Media in higher education. Eli is a filmmaker and instructor with experience ranging from community development, digital marketing, and cross-cultural interaction. He is passionate about storytelling and highlighting the amazing work that individuals are doing in their community. Eli has three energetic kids with his wife Jess and enjoys podcasting, traveling, trying new restaurants, and debating film theory.


Aaron Hicks

Reentry Coordinator

Aaron Hicks started working with Jerome Dillard and Voices Beyond Bars on return from incarceration back into the community, which brought the very work that he was doing while incarcerated now into the community. This was also his introduction to Nehemiah and meeting Pastor Alex Gee, who had started his own men’s group, called Man Up. Aaron then moved into a Reentry Specialist role at Nehemiah, where he now facilitates the Man Up Group with his amazing ability to connect with people and help them work through their hurts and pains.


Rebecca Barber

Reentry Housing Program Coordinator

Rebecca Barber is our Re-entry Services Housing Coordinator for the Nehemiah Dignity Housing Program. Outside of Nehemiah, she has a strong background in connecting people through music. She has been the host of the Universal Soul Explosion on 89.9FM WORT, Madison, for over 10 years and continues to use that platform to connect those incarcerated with loved ones outside the walls. An advocate of social justice and community support, she is a board member of the Urban Community Arts Network, the Midwest member of Wazzup Radio Group NYC, and board member of 89.9fm WORT. Rebecca is the mother of two, holds Degrees in Marketing and Business Administration / Human Resources, brings experience in Early Childhood Education / Teaching, Corporate Training, and Handy-(Wo)man skills.


Tyler Nylen

Faith Community Relationship Manager

Tyler Nylen received his Master’s of Divinity from North Park Theological Seminary in May of 2017. After serving as an intern at both Nehemiah and Fountain of Life Covenant Church during the summer of 2016, Tyler relocated to Madison following graduate school in order to pursue the vision of Nehemiah after his compelling experience with the organization. In this role, Tyler loves connecting, building relationships, and strategizing with faith communities and churches to determine how they can partner with Nehemiah to strengthen the African American community while addressing racism in faith contexts. He loves reading, exploring the city through coffeeshops (he even ranks and reviews them all), and all things Chicago sports.


Alexandra Gee-Lewis

Executive Assistant and Creative Solutionist

Alexandra went from hanging around in a playpen at her mom’s side in Nehemiah (back in the early 90’s) to now serving as its Executive Assistant and Creative Solutionist, under Harry Hawkins. She comes with unique experiences of serving some of Madison’s most underprivileged communities: including those who struggle with addiction and children with special needs. She is passionate about helping youth and adults take hold of true freedom and justice, unlocking the purposes and promises God has for their lives. She is able to live out this call through her work at Nehemiah and through serving as a 4th-generation Minister at Fountain of Life Church.

Her hobbies include traveling, reading, improv, cooking, finding new restaurants, and being outdoors.


Jackie Hunt

Community Support Specialist
Ms. Hunt is a caring, compassionate professional with over 18 years of experience in the Substance Abuse/Mental Health field.  She provides culturally relevant, strength-based, and trauma-informed care. Jacquelyn knows first hand what it is like to be marginalized and in need of supportive services. Her own testimony of recovery, redemption, and restoration provides the foundation for her work and allows for just the right balance to support the community and instill the belief in them that they too can overcome and become all that they want to be. Hunt provides services right there in the heart of where those who were most impacted by racial disparities dwell. Ms. Hunt is also the founder and CEO of F.O.S.T.E.R of Dane County. jhunt@nehemiah.org

Don Thornton

Executive Assistant to Dr. Alex Gee
Don Thornton has a varied professional and educational background. His work experiences include retail and business management, software testing, several roles within the USPS, and most recently, working as a debit card fraud protection coordinator before retiring in 2015. His volunteer work with Nehemiah began shortly afterward, where his passion for their work led to yet another career.  He and his wife, Denise, moved to Madison in 1999, he’s the proud father of four amazing adult children, and his hobbies/obsessions include cycling, converting his yard to native pollinator plants, and spoiling his two Russian Blue cats.

Harry J. Hawkins

Creative Content Specialist

I am passionate about the work that Nehemiah does because of the work we do to help my community. For a while now, when someone asked me why I wanted to help someone I’d say, “I know and have been through too much to not get involved in some way.” With Nehemiah, I am going to do anything I can to be a part of its work in the community.