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Lean Into Allyship:

Lean Into Allyship is a monthly virtual event where you will hear Dr. Gee share his perspective on recent events or what is on his mind followed by conversation with special guest(s) on important racial topics. Resources are provided to listeners based on what is discussed to allow for a “deeper dive.” Attendees are encouraged to ask Dr. Gee and his guests any questions that are on their minds.   The event is designed to help you determine your next actions as a would-be ally to get involved in addressing the systemic inequities around us. Be sure to sign up for monthly updates to receive notifications about these unique learning opportunities or visit our Events page.

Re-Entry Lunch & Learns:

This monthly lunch-time discussion, hosted by Nehemiah’s Reentry Coordinator Aaron Hicks, shines a light on the legal justice system in ways that the general public rarely if ever sees. Topics have included reducing the prison population, parental rights, and understanding the expungement process.  Be sure to sign up for the Nehemiah newsletter to receive notifications about these
unique learning opportunities or visit our Events page.


Racial Equity Mobilizer: a guide with a wealth of information and resources for wherever you are on your anti-racism path.

Dr. Alex Gee’s Genealogy series: Dr. Alex Gee discusses the just-released documentary, Justified Journey which follows the story of Dr. Gee’s discovery of his ancestry. Just as the [Gee]nealogy podcast series exposed the shocking history of the Gee family, including slavery, slave owners, and family secrets now revealed for the first time. This interview will give you the behind-the-scenes look at the year’s long path to the screen of this documentary.



A podcast that invites you to experience the world through the perspective of one Black man, one conversation, one story, or even one rant at a time. Listen to seven seasons of conversations and insights from Dr. Alex Gee.


Justified Anger, an initiative of Nehemiah, brings you stories and conversations from staff and the community that inspire, educate, and engage toward justice action. The goal is to eliminate racial disparities by provoking moral conscience and directing collective action at the grassroots and systemic levels.


This podcast shares stories and conversations from 30 years of experience, revealing the excellence and transformational secret sauce in action. Nehemiah demonstrates what community transformation looks like in an area with some of the worst racial disparities in the country.


Defending Black Girlhood is a podcast in which host, Lilada Gee, is unapologetic as hell about her fierce advocacy for Black girls! Join Lilada for conversations that inform, inspire and challenge her listeners to take bold actions towards making this world a safer place for Black girls to live, learn and be loved.

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Our vision is to engage the greater Madison community to empower African American individuals, families, and communities to bring about hope, transformation, and justice. We need your involvement!