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What I Want White Allies to Know Heading Into Thanksgiving

– Harry Hawkins –   As we approach Thanksgiving, I can’t help but think of family and what this time of year means to me. It’s a time to gather with friends and family, share some fantastic food and laughs. Since moving to Wisconsin five years ago, it took on another meaning as well. As…

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Dr. Gee Reflects on Race Conversations

Last Saturday, September 16th, Rev. Dr. Gee participated on a panel titled, “Moving Past Fear – How to Talk about Race in All Your Spaces,” which focused on the challenges to discussing race in public spaces and strategies for overcoming those obstacles. Dr. Gee has some specific thoughts and reflections on the experience and conversation afterwards…

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Dantrell Cotton – An Encounter with Whiteness

  This week, we have a blog coming from a recent University of Wisconsin-Madison Master’s Graduate. Dantrell Cotton spent 7 years in Madison attending UW obtaining both his Bachelors in Community and Environmental Sociology and Masters in Environment and Resources degrees. Dantrell also participated in Nehemiah as the Choir Director and an Empowerment Coach for…

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